In a bid to highlight the work of Caribbean youth in advancing the Global goals, YPARD Jamaica has launched #Dear Young people in an attempt to showcase our change makers, have one on one features, ask questions and solicit feedback and showcases opportunities for boosting individual and collective capacities of youth.


#Our Experiences 

Highlights the varying youth conferences that our YPARD country representative, Jhannel Tomlinson, has been involved in with other young agents of change. 

#Youth in Action 

Features aspiring and motivated young people from across the Caribbean who are working in their communities, schools and institutions to advance work on the Global goals. 

#I Need Advice

Our advice column offers a space for youth to ask questions and solicit feedback from their peers. Whether it's related to the world of work, education, health or climate change, we'll find the answers.

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#In the News 

Provides a glimpse of the work of Caribbean youth being showcased across the mainstream media. 

#Youth Opportunities

Showcases upcoming conferences, trainings, workshops and opportunities for youth

#Driven #Young #Motivated #Innovative #Creative


Would you like to be featured? Do you know of other Caribbean youth doing exceptional work? Write to us using the information below.

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